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SILVER APPLE SAILING and 'Special Air Services' have some verbal resonance as well as having the abbreviation 'SAS' in common, but there all similarities cease. If you want to sweep past rocks, 'commando style', with a wavelength's margin in raging seas, then SILVER APPLE SAILING is not for you. On the other hand if you would like to bring friends, make new friends aboard, arrange for your own group to sail aboard a modern cruising yacht, increase your sea time for RYA certificates or complete RYA practical courses then, SILVER APPLE SAILING could be what you are looking for.

SILVER APPLE SAILING's objectives are simple: to introduce beginners to sailing, encourage good seamanship and sail with pleasant company for the sheer joy of it. After serving in the Merchant Navy and also sailing many miles under sail, it is the skipper's pleasure to introduce new sailors to the art of sailing, living aboard and to instruct more experienced sailors in improving their sailing and boat handling skills. He is well qualified to ensure that your experience aboard is both safe, instructive and enjoyable:

Both SILVER APPLE SAILING and Westward Quest began by 'recruiting' crews from various Christian churches. They both continue to maintain a Christian ethos and are staffed entirely by volunteers comprising supporters, helpers, qualified experienced skippers and instructors. Together, they must be amongst the least commercial of sailing organisations. Please 'click' the link if wish to know more about the Christian ethos. Further if SILVER APPLE SAILING or Westward Quest cannot accomodate you they will recommend other organisations which may.

Why must I go down to the sea again?
Why can’t I leave it alone?
Why am I not content to stay
Beside the warm fire at home?
I do not know what makes me go,
The rolling waves to ride.
The voice from Everest’s peak knows why,
“Because it’s there!” it cries.©

Everest peak?

Everest's Peak?


Tobermory Harbour

Customer comments:
'Many thanks for your careful planning and light touch on the helm'