Booking Conditions


Bookings are accepted on the following conditions

The Price

Prices are stated in good faith based on information available at the time of booking. If any unavoidable changes occur the charterer will be advised as soon as is practicable.

For non-UK charters the price includes return air fares and boat charter but not transport to and from the airport. Additional expenses will be defined prior to booking. In warmer climes, breakfast, lunches and some evening meals will be provided but many crew members like to dine ashore some evenings. For UK charters the price includes mooring fees, harbour/marina fees and three meals per day on board but not charterer's shore-side personal expenses.

Charterers must not incur expenses on behalf of the skipper without the skipper's express direction. Such expenditure will not be reimbursed.




If the deposit (25%) is not received by the due date, Silver Apple Sailing reserves the right to reallocate berths. If the balance is not received by the due date, Silver Apple Sailing reserves the right to reallocate berths and charge a cancellation fee of 5% of the total charter fee.


In the event of cancellation by charterers, every effort will be made to find suitable replacement crew members, but if this is not possible no refund of payments will be made.

If Silver Apple Sailing cancels a charter all payments will be refunded or an alternative booking made to suit the charterer. Silver Apple Sailing cannot be held responsible for consequential inconvenience or expense.



All charter boats are legally required to carry Third Party Indemnity. Details will be made available on request. TPI does not cover charterer's personal effects.



Charterers should make their own insurance arrangements as Silver Apple Sailing can not underwrite charterers' risks of cancellation before the trip or loss of personal effects during the trip.


Bad Weather

The skipper will not knowingly compromise safety and may decline to make a passage on account of bad weather. In the event of delay in reaching either the home port or the port where crews are changed, Silver Apple Sailing will advise of the delay as soon as possible but can not be held responsible for consequential inconvenience or expense.



Unless expressly stated, prices do not include transport to and from the boat in the UK. However, Silver Apple Sailing will co-ordinate travel arrangements if required.



Bookings are accepted on the understanding that charterers are physically fit enough to participate in the trip.



In the event of chartering a boat overseas Boat Owners/Charter Operators may stipulate additional conditions.



By completing the Booking Form it is deemed that persons named thereon accept the Booking Conditions.