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cpitbfastIt is easier to catalogue a sequence of exciting events than to describe the sense of well being that comes from a beautiful sunset. Prose is well suited to the former but the latter demands poetry and not many journalists are given to poetry. This is why some articles in yachting magazines give an impression that sailing is more about coping with raging seas and gale force winds than contemplating the beauty of the surroundings. No doubt there will be moments of excitement during a cruise but, whilst sailing can involve a great deal of action, cruising is essentially a relaxed affair whether in Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, St Kilda & the Outer Hebrides, Orkneys, Norway or the Caribbean. The object is to sail to places of interest, explore them and to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

There are inherent dangers in sailing - statistically less than crossing the road - but a good skipper will not take unnecessary risks or expect too much from the crew. His/her task is to assess the dangers and ensure that both he/she and crew do not attempt to exceed their limitations. A little weariness from a days sailing in a stiff breeze enhances the pleasure of a pleasant evening in a secure anchorage.

Crew members will be expected to assist with essential duties but other than that they are free to do as much or as little as they please. However, most crew members like to be involved with the action.

Why must I go down to the sea again?
To its trackless, fickle face,
To over falls, to spray and squalls,
And treacherous tidal race.
A tranquil bay to end the day,
Glorious sky unfolding,
A meal prepared, joys to be shared,
The anchor firmly holding. ©

Meal Prepared

A meal prepared


Island Davaar

Customer comments:
'A big thank you. I had a wonderful time. I appreciate all the effort you put into arranging everything'