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So you would like to try your hand at sailing? How does one start sailing? You could talk to someone you know who has sailed before, contact a sailing club for an introductory sail, sail with a friend who either has a boat or arranges sailing holidays, or sign up for what is on offer at one of the many sailing schools or sailing organisations around the country. In the latter case, depending on your inclinations and aspirations, you could sign up for a course - either Start Yachting or Competent Crew - or a sailing holiday listed in the schedule as a cruise.

Whatever you decide, when you go to sea you will need to pack your bag with ample warm clothing (it can be cold on the sea), soft footwear with non-marking soles, personal necessities and a sleeping bag. Ascertain anything more than this from the friend, club or organisation you intend to sail with. In all probability a friend's boat will have buoyancy aids or life jackets onboard and invariably sailing organisations/schools provide them. In anything other than very settled weather you will need waterpoof footwear and outer garments.

don skipperOver the years, SILVER APPLE SAILING has introduced many beginners to sailing with the objective of sailing 'with pleasant company for the sheer joy of it'. Are you still undecided? Then please contact the skipper, Don Gunton. He may be able to help you with any outstanding queries.


Why must I go down to the sea again?
To sail through starlit night,
To distant strand, the scent of land,
And a rising, flashing light,
Crew rest, some sleep, some vigil keep
To make a safe landfall,
The bar is crossed, ‘Q’ flag aloft,
Skipper and crew walk tall. ©

Some Sleep
Some sleep



Customer comments:
'Very many thanks for an enjoyable sail'